Organized and host a Chinese New Year Show

Monday Mar 05th, 2018


Chinese New Year celebration is always something missing for most Chinese overseaers in Toronto. We don't know should we celebrate or not or how to celebrate it on New Year's Eve, as we don't have the same atmosphere here as it is back in China. 

Then i thought to organize a small party to mock a Chinese New Year gala with a small group of people to try out. At the end, we had close to 100 people attended. From renting a place to design the 4 hour program, Chunlie spent some quality time in hoping that it would bring lots fun and laughter to the audiences. 

With the help of some volunteers, Chunlie was able to successfully deliver a 4 hour Chinese New Year show at a rented premise in Markham. There were delicious food, fun games for kids categoried by age, some good performances came from some kids and parents. It was not just a party where you eat some food and hang out with others but it was more a evening show.  Everyone had a blast, thought this tradtion should be carried on every year. 

Besides my dedication to what I do, I am also very greatful to my community, thats why I was very willing to devote my time and effort with lots of thoughts to organize such activities for my community. 

Thanks to everyone who had attended the party, I am proud of myself of what I can do to bring joy and fun to others. 

Keep up the good work, Chunlie!!

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