Sponsor to Net Basketball Academy

Monday Mar 05th, 2018


The other way to show that Chunlie is actively involved in the community is being a proud sponsor to Net Basketball Academy. It is so fun to watch kids, aged from 8 to 14, learning about basic fundamental skills and playing as a league. 

The long winter weather prevents lots of kids from outdoor activities, together with electronic products distraction, most kids nowadays are so not motivated to move around to get exercise.  so these kind of sports are very good choices for kids to get involved. 

The Coach Daniel is excellent teacher. He is strict yet very kind, he will not let kids stop practising if he sees those kids not putting enough effort, or if the kids don't do it properly when he believes the kids could have done better; He will also be loving like a father when kids are hurt or not well; He will yell and shout out loud during class but he will come around with smile and high-five everyone on the court even parents, audiences. 

Keep it rolling, Net Basketball Academy!! 

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